Animals and Essential Oils…are they okay?

Misinformation; inaccurate and incomplete; seems to catch fire fast in the age of social media and the abundance of people glued to their phones and tablets is the fuel. If you find it online it must be true, right??? WRONG!! We live in a time of such an abundance of information that it is imperative to research, aka Due Diligence.

You may ask what exactly is Due Diligence when it comes to researching whether you should or shouldn’t use essential oils in your home, office, or other areas and/or around your children and pets. Well, simply put, it’s researching reliable sources along with connecting with knowledgeable people. One source can be PubMed, when looking for research articles. There are many articles that discuss the benefits of many essential oils for things from anxiety to relaxation. What about books and certified people like herbalists, aromatherapists, and even veterinarians or physicians.

Poison control is a place where individuals often get information from that feeds into the Fear-Mongering on social media. The reason that this is perpetuating fear, often unwarranted, is because it does NOT give specific information. Old articles also feed into this mindset. Why? There is often no information listed about brand, amount, and how often that particular essential oil was used. Old articles also can feed into the fear and apprehension by being out-dated when new research has shown benefits.

Even the Poison Control has an article based upon MISUSE! Read it Here. Another place for information can be NIH, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Did you know that that is what Dr. John J. Hanover, Dr. Debra J. Rykoff, and Dr. Susan Albright are? They are integrative veterinarians, using modalities from chiropractic, herbs, to western medicines. It is by definition (integrative) all inclusive. Using the different modalities in conjunction with each other, not one OR the other. But I digress.

As a mother of six children and having two dogs, two cats, and a fish in my home, I use essential oils every day. I am confident in the brand of essential oils that I use. I have learned through research; a lot of research; through some hands-on experience, and most importantly I have a solid group of people that I can go to with questions and concerns. When I am uncertain, even after research, I turn to those with years of applicable experience and degrees.

I am a licensed massage therapist, a mom, and I talk essential oils with veterinarians and many other people. I certainly do not have all of the answers, but I do absolutely inform people that there is a set of criteria: Quality, Quantity, Frequency. In the majority of the postings of harm done by essential oils, these three criteria are missing. Why is that??

Do you know the company/brand of essential oils that you are using? Have you researched the company? Can you get information regarding distillation, the crops, the locations where these crops come from, etc? Can you visit the company, the farms, the distillery facilities? What testing and where are the tests done for quality of the products? All of this matters when referring to Quality. 

How much of the essential oil are you using? Quantity matters. When diffusing, are you putting an entire bottle into the diffuser so that you can “smell” it and closing doors/windows? Are your pets subsequently stuck in those closed off rooms? Are your children? What about yourself? More is NOT better, in any circumstance, especially when it is a poor quality of oil.

Did you turn that diffuser on full time for the last 48 hours? Do you sit in the full sun for that long? Swim for that long? Stay awake for that long? None of this is beneficial to us. Frequency is important in safety. If you are going through bottles of oils in the matter of days, maybe you are over using. Many items have directions like twice a day, three times daily, as needed, these are there for a reason. Some things you use once a day, some you use several times a day. Diffusers often have timers on them. I generally put mine on the dispersing mode; ie 30 seconds on/off. Some diffusers can run up to 10 hours in this mode.

Before you decide to post articles on Facebook without researching their validity, I urge you to do your DUE DILIGENCE in finding out the who, what, where, when, and why of the article. If these are lacking, then maybe there is an issue with the user and not the essential oil itself that resulted in a very sad outcome.

I do not want any harm to come to anyone, two or four-legged. My purpose of this was to help others understand that it is a responsibility to find truths. Don’t let someone else’s lack of it taint your view point.

**Pictures are: My pups in my bedroom, while I am diffusing. My door is open for them to come and go as they wish. Also not in picture is Ethel – long haired kitten, on my chest. Kittens going to the vet for their 6 month check-up. An essential oil is in the carrier to help with kitten transport stresses.

Really?! There is a difference

People often hear Multi-Level Marking (MLM) as “pyramid scheme”, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. Remove that comparison right this instant! Especially if you are trying to make a business. I am going to try and explain some differences..

Please remember that no matter where you go, you always have workers, multiple levels of managerial positions, vice presidents, presidents and/or CEO’s. This applies to so many companies from Google, Amazon, and Home Depot, to Olive Garden and TGI Fridays. Each position within the company is important but are not the same, monetary or other benefits.

Here are some examples of “independent” companies that I have personally heard about over the years. By independent I mean not a part of big named box stores.

There have been companies that expect you to purchase X amount of products each month and it’s your responsibility to “sell” them. If you do not sell said amount each month, well that is on you and that unfortunate stockpile begins. People get overwhelmed and the company is not there to support you. Sometimes you then need to pay a fee for ending your “membership”.

What about those “companies” that actually have no product, but expect you to send X amount of dollars to them and you subsequently get people to send you X amount of dollars, so on and so forth.

By definition, a pyramid scheme is based upon money, not product.

pyr·a·mid scheme

[pyramid scheme]


  1. a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.


These types of companies often give a bad name to others that are of quality standing and product. Pyramid scheme is NOT equivalent to multi-level marketing companies. They are not synonymous. Multi-level marketing companies have a tiered pyramid structure but are focused on a non-salary worker selling the products/services working on a compensation plan of commission-based payment. Utilizing a 1099 at tax time makes you more of an independent contractor, but that is just my thoughts.

Does this type of structure devalue the product? In my opinion, NO! Are the people that choose this type of company less than a stock person at the grocery store chain? NO! It generally means that the person that chose to work a MLM works hard to build their own business through the quality of product. The person that is an independent owner of a franchise is no less important than a corporate chain store. These simply are all different ways to garnish an income to support yourself, a family, and/or a lifestyle.

It is most advantageous to look at the company opposed to the selling method. Young Living has years of experience that not only allow for a solid reputation, but also has allotted time to improve their products for optimal benefits. There are many MLM style companies out there and just because Young Living focuses on essential oils there seems to be extra scrutiny. Do we question the Tupperware, Avon, or Pampered Chef person? They work on the same principle as Young Living. A rep signs up other reps and so on.

Next time someone says to you, “I’m not interested in your pyramid scheme” just let them know that you don’t like them either and you are an independent contractor. Or another option can be to offer them insight into what an actual MLM vs Pyramid Scheme looks like. OR simply share your products and what you love about them to show your passion, knowledge, and focus on health and wellness for all aspects of life with products that contain no harmful chemicals that are known to cause health issues. BOOM!

Have A Toxic-Free Home lifestyle white designed by Lisa

Thieves Household Cleaner vs Other Brands

If you ever looked on the Young Living website or in a catalog, wondering why this 14.4 fl oz bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner (THHC) was $22.50 whls, let me show you why….

When compared to other name brand products, THHC is by far the most economical choice. It becomes similar to buying your products at a warehouse company. Bulk buying can be very cost effective when it’s a product that you use frequently.

Example: At one point, my household contained 8 people. Toilet paper, paper towels, pastas, etc were purchased at my local big box warehouse store. These purchases helped me budget and save money while supplying my household with products that we used daily. There was no waste.

THHC is similar to this concept. This 14.4 fl oz bottle is a fantastic purchase because it can save you money, it is very versatile, and can be stored for a long period of time in the original container.

I have made my own window cleaner, tub scrub, everyday cleaner, degreaser cleaner, and have even used a cap full in the tub when washing down my pup. Use the comparison graphic below to see why going green is great and easy to do using Young Living products such as the Thieves Household Cleaner! Starting small like altering your cleaner is a great first step in helping not only yourself but your entire family cut back on their toxic chemical exposure. You and your family are worth it!

Bonus of THHC, it smells WONDERFUL!! No harsh chemical smell.

New Thieves vs cleaner

Ways to get away from everyday toxins

Did you know that there are on an average 62 toxic chemicals in our homes? In products that we don’t even think about being “bad” for us. If we are concerned about the harmful chemicals that we come into contact with each day, what about our beloved pets?

Their environment is the ground level. Cats, dogs, rabbits often spend the majority of their time on or near the floor. Reptiles, birds, and rodents spend most of their time up higher. Despite the differences in these two areas of the home, toxic chemicals permeate their surroundings. Sprays begin airborne but then settle onto the ground. Commonly used products like candles and incense may begin in the air, but also settle onto the ground.

Remember what could adversely affect you has the potential to adversely affect your pets, no matter the species.

The best part of Young Living products is that it is easy to make a switch to a toxic-free lifestyle. Many people are thrown off by the cost, but I want to share why it is feasible to make it work. Please visit my blog post about Thieves household cleaner and the comparison to the cost of other brands. THIEVES

Below are common hazardous chemicals, why they can have a negative effect on us, our pets, and what products Young Living offers as an alternative.

Toxins in home pic

Toxins in home MW 3.21.19

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Lisa at

Feline, Canine, Equine and All in Between

I do only own a dog. I do only have six children. I am only one person amongst hundreds of thousands of essential oil users, so what do I know? Would you believe me if I told you that I don’t always know everything, who really does? You can become certified and educated but that does not even mean you know all there is to know. If you do know everything … can we be friends? I spend far too much time researching…

Hopefully you have caught onto my sarcasm. I actually enjoy doing my research and learning, be it on my own or with someone’s guidance. My guidance comes in the form of my bosses, co-workers, friends, like-minded people, and the many other people that have experience. The wide-web provides us all with a double edged sword. It can provide a fountain of information, but not all is correct. Some of it is bias, some is just foolery, some is to scare you…. as of yesterday, Dr. “Website” diagnosed me with an incurable disease that I cannot even pronounce due to symptoms of achy muscles, congestion, and a headache.

Anyway. Since I began my journey incorporating essential oils into my life, I have heard some interesting things. Some of those things cause wonderment while others cause me concern. Many of the things I have learned about animals and essential oils have been from my bosses and other long-time users. They have used Young Living essential oils with horses, birds, cats, dogs, and many other species of animals.

Think of it like this… say your gallbladder needs to be removed. Are you going to go search Dr. “Website” for a tutorial? Are you going to hunt down that “I’m not a doctor in real life, but I play one on TV”, or would you like to get your gallbladder removed by a knowledgeable doctor that has done it many times previously? Personally, I will go with the latter option. My bosses are knowledgeable with many years of applying essential oils into their practices with animals along with their personal use. 

When I first got my puppy, he was having intestinal issues. I knew I wanted to try a holistic option first, so I asked my boss. In two days, my pooch was good to go, literally. I went to the veterinarians to find out the best food for him, the best shot schedule, and all things canine because they know not only through experience but through education. We talk about the options and the outcomes. Shouldn’t this be the type of relationship you want with your beloved pet’s doctor? Someone that knows you, knows your values, knows different options, and takes everything into consideration to help you make the best informed decision. 

As with anything that you put into and onto you, your family, or your pets, following directions are important. Essential oils are not something to just haphazardly ingest, apply, or diffuse. A doctor does not dilute an antibiotic, it is prescribed at a different dose dependent upon the recipient. The frequency of doses is dependent upon the need and the subject being administered to. These rules are just as important with essential oils as they are with any medication. Everything has a set of instructions for a reason, to keep us all as safe as possible. When you find a vet that uses a diverse set of modalities to help you keep your pet healthy, feel free to ask them questions. Voice your concerns, present your questions, and together come up with a game plan that best suits your pet.

If you do not discredit aspirin due to hearing something negative, you should not be doing that with other things either. I get very disheartened when people tell me that I shouldn’t be using this or that on my dog, myself, or even my children. Just like many things in my life, I have sought out doctors that share a mutual belief, but can direct me safely in my own journey. My bosses and fellow essential oil users allow things to work complementary to one another. They have successfully used Young Living essential oils in their practices for many years, but began in their personal lives. Never have they ever directed someone to use any method that was harmful. 

One veterinarian has cats, dogs, and a bird in the clinic. Diffusers are on in each room. Each room may have a different oil diffusing, but it is known what works for each animal. This is because of research, hands-on experience, and knowing issues and what to look for. My own dog does not want to be near a bottle of Raven or Eucalyptus, but does not mind being in the room with us while it is diffusing. Always keeping the door open as an option for him to leave, I give him the choice. Even being in the room for a little while, I believe that he is getting benefits just like myself and my kids. If you are unsure of what you can diffuse, how close it can be to your pet (such as a bird or cat), then you need to be responsible and research. Ask someone with experience. Ask your veterinarian. If they do not know, express your desire to learn more and ask for a reference. 

I have heard vets talking about being a client’s chiropractic vet for their horse, but not the regular vet. This is actually nice to hear because it shows the complementary nature of all modalities. Just like I have a chiropractor, family doctor, and I use essential oils. The same can be true for your beloved pets! What I am trying to say is that I know vets that have successfully used Young Living essential oils with various canines, felines, equine, birds, and other animal species. I trust my people to keep me steered in a safe direction, shouldn’t you feel the same? 

My family would like to make additions to our family in the future. Not the human kind, but feline, and I will continue to use my Young Living essential oils. I will practice safety. That is the name of the game; safety. Don’t be scared into inaction or intolerance because of someone else’s bad experience. We do not know the complete story nor all of the circumstances. It was worth it for me to try essential oils, it may just be worth it for you too. GBP_6284